Top 5 Free eBooks for Students: Where to Get Them

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Free stuff is always important for students, especially if it’s connected to education itself. Books, for example, may be too expensive, but gladly, there are free eBooks online you can download without going out!

When writing an essay, you may need these books for reference. It’s much easier to get them online while looking for a  free essay writing service to get help with your paper in a professional way. Visiting physical libraries takes time and effort, plus finding the needed book will take a long time.

You have to be careful as to the services you use to get eBooks. Fortunately, we have a list of TOP 5 websites that provide digital versions of all the pieces you require. Students may know about some of these but not their free sections.

TOP 5 eBook Services for Students

To make sure you don’t download a piece of malware, it’s important to use only reliable, official services. There are online libraries that help students by giving access to as many as 1 million books! Use them instead of some shady sites you saw in the Ad section.

1: Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers around 50,000 eBooks in most text formats, including Kindle, ePUB, HTML, etc. The service was established to help people present and find eBooks they need easily and for free.

You don’t need to create an account to get the benefits of the project. There are also no open or hidden fees; you can browse the library freely anywhere, anytime. When bored, look there for books by new authors. You will find a lot of new, useful information there, especially if Literature or any connected discipline is your major.

2: Amazon Free Kindle Books

If you have a Kindle (the device or the service), you can browse its free section anytime you need it. There are lots of useful books you don’t need to pay for. Amazon offers a wide range of topics and genres, as well as a detailed Search function. You can filter by author, genre, etc., and find the book you need in seconds!

To access the library, all you have to do is to create an account or log in if you already have one. You will find anything from science fiction and romance to textbooks on any subject there. It’s also a very popular and reliable service, so there’s no way you’ll fall for a scam.

If you’re not sure if the book is worth your attention, read the review section. Amazon is quite open about user reviews, including for the Kindle service. This section will help you see the pros and cons of the book and whether its topic will be useful for you in any way.

3: Google eBookstore

Android users win the race here because they have a major Google Play eBookstore available. There’s also a free section with loads of materials for education and entertainment. A lot of Android devices have a default application for Google Books. You can also look in the Books section in the PlayStore app.

Don’t forget to use the “Free” filter and enjoy classic pieces of writing, as well as educational materials, in the most popular formats, including PDF and ePUB. Google also offers a large reviews section for every book so that you can see if it will be suitable for your project before downloading and reading it. This saves a lot of time!

4: Open Library

One of the largest online libraries, Open Library offers over a million eBooks on different topics completely free of charge. It’s open-source, so people can edit the descriptions of the offered books to keep them updated. This is a great service for people who need detailed information about the pieces of writing they’re using for essays and other academic projects.

You can not only download loads of educational materials but update their descriptions if you see that the information isn’t full. Such contributions will help other students find eBooks faster and get full data about them.

Search by author, title, or subject, and you’ll get a results page with hundreds of options. Find books you don’t remember the name or author of just with a couple of keywords and a subject.

5: Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a unique service that contains books you can’t find anywhere else. It’s like a search engine that helps you browse through 466 billion pages and find the info you need for a paper or another project. The service is non-profit, you don’t need to pay a membership fee or create an account.

This is a very useful website for people looking for academic and historical books that are considered discontinued. You can find some rare sources there, and adding them to your reference list will increase the chances of getting a higher grade.

Look for Free Materials Before Paying

For a lot of students, saving money is nearly impossible. There are so many things you have to buy, and sometimes books cost more than your average meal plan. Before paying, look for free licensed versions online. As you can see, the range of services is quite large. All the books you need can be available on one website you don’t have to pay anything for. Don’t underestimate the use of online libraries! A lot of them are free and highly reliable.
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