Tips on Crafting a Winning Essay

Tips on Crafting a Winning Essay

How to Write an Essay: Smart Tips from Custom Writers

The task to accomplish a college essay can be overwhelming sometimes because it is one of your chances to show your knowledge, efficiency, and passion for your field of study. If you believe you can cope with the task on your own without any additional help, you need to take into account a couple of things.

College and university instructors read a bunch of essays and research papers every day, and they know everything about this type of writing. If you make sure to hook them by your paper, then you’re a winner. Even though it may seem like the mission impossible, you still can get the job done. All you have to do when you work on your essay is stay organized, self-oriented, and stick to some simple writing recommendations given by professionals.

First of all, make sure to begin your work as early as you possibly can. The more time you have to work on your assignment, the better quality it will be. You won’t have to spend a sleepless night to write, proofread, and edit your essay. At the same time, you have to learn to plan. A solid plan makes the process of writing less time-consuming and even enjoyable. Competent custom writers highlighted some of the key stages that the process of essay writing includes. Ensure to follow the recommendations given below to produce a top-notch piece.

Read Your Assignment

The focus, structure, and style of your paper will vary depending on the essay type you’re assigned to produce. If your instructor assigned you to accomplish an essay for a class, you have to check the list of instructions attached to get to know more about the nature of the project. The most popular types of college essays include the following:

❏ The argumentative essay focuses on examples and evidence to convince the readers of your viewpoint.
❏ The compare and contrast essay, in which you’re analyzing the differences and similarities between several ideas, events, works of art, people, and so on.
❏ The narrative essay is used to tell a story.
❏ The informative essay is written to educate your target readers about this or that topic.
❏ The analytical or critical essay is used to examine an item. You may use this type of writing in order to answer certain questions on the chosen topic.

Always Choose an Interesting Topic

Choosing a topic that you find interesting gives you a chance to hook your instructor’s attention and produce an essay that will stand out from the bunch of other projects. When you’re browsing potential topics, you need to select a topic that you as a writer are passionate about. Don’t make the mistake of choosing something just because you think your professor would like to read about it. At the same time, the topic of your paper should be relevant to your field of study.

It is recommended to spend some time needed to ponder over and plan your work before you write the paper. Just take a pen and a piece of paper, sit down, and write every other idea on the topic you have picked. At this point, you don’t have to think about every idea on the list – just put down everything that comes to your mind. This simple technique will enable you to check your potential topics whenever you need to, get back to them, and eliminate the ones you don’t feel like writing about. Now that you know what exactly you would like to discuss in your paper, it’s time to get your hands on the writing process.

Narrow Your Topic Down

When you work with a professional writer and make a custom essay order, they will recommend you to choose a topic with a clear focus. Depending on the type of assignment that you work on, you may already have a specific topic in mind, or your tutor may simply ask you to write about this or that subject.

If your tutor hasn’t provided you with a specific topic, it’s time to sit down and brainstorm for a while. Ensure to give preference to a topic that is interesting to you, specific, and that will enable you to find enough materials to work with.

❏ If you’re assigned to accomplish an essay that is based on in-depth research, you will find potential ways to narrow down your topic by reading some of the major researches done in your field.
❏ In the case of the critical essay, it is recommended to focus on a certain theme of the work under discussion or analyze the meaning of this or that passage.

Use Reputable Sources

If you’re working on a college essay that requires you to back up your claims with examples and evidence, you will be required to perform some research. Make sure to surf some information online or visit your local library to find some of the latest sources that include verifiable and up-to-date information on your topic.

❏ Journals and books are among the best sources of information that one may use in the process of writing. In addition to online editions, you’re welcome to make use of print materials available in on- and off-campus libraries.
❏ It is also recommended to search for primary source docs like photos, eyewitness accounts, and letters.
❏ No matter what sort of information you research, ensure to evaluate every piece of it critically. It doesn’t matter who is the author of the research paper that you deal with, it may still contain a lot of mistakes, outdated details, and hidden biases.

A lot of college and university students tend to use Wikipedia as an appropriate information source for essays and other types of academic writing. Nonetheless, it is better to search for useful sources in the section called “References” that can be found at the end of each Wikipedia article.

Make Notes

No matter what topic you’re assigned to write on, you will have to research it thoroughly. As you’re engaged in the process, ensure to make notes of all the ideas that interest you, relevant details, and questions that require further exploration. If you’re going to include any of the found information in your project, make sure to write down citation details. Thus, you will be able to find the materials again and cite them like a pro.

❏ For instance, you might enter your notes into a document on your laptop or create individual cards to use in the process of writing.
❏ Ensure to organize your notes into several relevant categories. This will enable you to easily find any specific details for this or that sub-topic.

Discuss Counterarguments

If you are assigned the task to complete an argumentative essay, consider the main counterarguments against your viewpoint. Include them into your essay together with convincing examples and evidence against each.

❏ For instance, if you use your essay to state that Romeo and Juliet wouldn’t be having problems with each other's families if they hadn't died, you will have to focus on the counterarguments to that point of view. You might do this by giving evidence that the couple would be able to run away or that they would convince their parents to become friends eventually.
Take a Break Before You Proofread Your Essay

When you’re done with your essay, it’s time to have some rest. The truth is that you need some time away from your text. If you do so, you will be able to get back to it later and look at it with fresh eyes. If possible, take a day or two before you work on your paper again. If you don’t happen to have enough time to have a pause, at least take a couple of hours to relax and switch your attention to something else.