How To Make Your Essay Sound Smarter

Writing essays is a big and important part of every college student’s life. Some people may think that an essay is just a bunch of words and paragraphs that are somehow connected with each other. Those people are wrong. If you want to make your essay look good and sound smart, you have to follow certain rules. We collected the most valuable tips from professional writers They believe that the following 5 tips will help you to improve your essay writing skills with no extra pay.

Tip #1. Get Familiar With Essay Structure Rules

There are certain academic requirements when it comes to essays. It is not common for a school paper to have no structure. Usually, it has to consist of three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

It is obvious that your essay should start with the introduction. The role of this part is to give your reader a clear understanding of what your paper is about. The introduction typically has a general-to-specific structure. First, you provide general information on the issue you are addressing. It is your general statement. Then you move to the specifics revealing where you stand in this issue. That will be your thesis statement. Finally, you outline the main point. That will your overview of the argument.

The body of your essay serves as a place to address the issue. It usually includes three and more paragraphs. The number of those depends on the requirements of the task. Nevertheless, every paragraph should consist of a topic sentence, supporting details, and a concluding sentence. The body of your essay should include various examples, quotes, facts, statistics, etc. All the supporting details should be properly cited.

The conclusion of the essay has a summarizing role. Without providing any new information, you should restate your thesis and summarize the main points of your essay. At the end of your essay, you should also give a final comment to challenge your reader to think about the issue. With that final sentence, you want to provoke your audience to think of what can be done to solve it.

Tip #2. Get Inspired To Say Something

We all know this feeling when you have nothing to say. It makes every word of your essay look forced and not smart at all. It is a good thing that it can be fixed. If you want to be able to write about anything you should get inspired on a regular basis. You can do it by simply reading books, journals, professional articles, etc. All these sources can be found online sometimes for no cost. If you make it a habit it will be so much easier for you to sound smart in your essays.

Tip #3. Choose Words Wisely

Words you use in your essay matter. Sometimes college students think that using long and complicated terms will make their writing look smarter. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect. For example, using the word facilitate instead of help might be an unnecessary move. Don’t get us wrong though: using synonyms is a good way to improve your essay. However, overdoing your essay with complicated words may make it hard to read or even understand. Before sending your essay, you should read its text aloud to see if it is an easy read.

Tip #4. Go For Short Sentences

A smart essay is one you can read and understand. It means it is always better to keep it shorter. Long sentences are more likely to confuse the reader. You don’t want your audience to be like “wait, what did I just read?” The same thing works for paragraphs as well. When you put too much information in one paragraph you don’t leave your reader a chance to understand it fast. So, try to break long sentences into shorter ones. Again, if in doubt, use the read-aloud rule. It will work here too.

Tip #5. Always Proofread Your Essays

You should never submit your essay without that one final polish. The first thing you need to do before proofreading your essay is to leave it alone for a little bit. When you work with your text for too long you can’t really see mistakes in it. So, stepping away from your essay for a certain period of time is always beneficial.

When you start proofreading you should pay attention to both big and small mistakes. These include spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and other mechanical errors. Then you should work on the structure of your essay. You should make sure that it is clear and easy to read. Don’t be scared of deleting unnecessary information. It will only make your paper better. You can always save your essay as multiple versions in case you need any pre-edited parts of it.

You can also ask someone to read your paper before submitting it. A fresh pair of eyes will help you see more spots you need to work on or correct. It can be a peer student, a teacher, or a professional proofreader. You can choose the option that worlds for your best.

A Final Word

You can write your essays the way they will sound smart. It is just a matter of practice. To succeed in school as an excellent essay writer, you should follow these simple but useful tips. You will be surprised by how effective they are.